Andrea Taibbi
Executive Secretary
505-822-5470 |

Serving as the company Executive Office Manager, as well as the Assistant Director of Bookkeeping for Mosher Enterprises, Inc. She has expansive hands-on working knowledge in her scope of work. She uses her experienced history with Mosher Enterprises, Inc. Combine that with her 20 year tenure at the corporation. Her internal working knowledge and attention to detail shows the heart of the company. With a proficiency in implementation of office chattel and office organization, this includes; training office personal, notary and financial management. She applies her natural customer relations accompanied by her outstanding professional people skills. She applies these skills in all the day-to-day operations. Furthermore, other responsibilities include the final financial conformation and authorization on payroll and bookkeeping for all internal and external office personal and workflow.


Executive Secretary

Mosher Enterprises, Inc. Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Supervising of Accounts Payables and Accounting Operation for all subsidiaries
  • Control of all employee payroll and personal records for all subsidiaries
  • Control of Human Resources for Mosher Enterprises, Inc. and Great Western Specialty Systems, Inc.


  • 20 years in the Electrical Industry (Commercial & Industrial)
  • Notary Certification
  • Certificate of Completion for Pension 101
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